Jonesboro teen arrested for possession of drugs and gun

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While many teenagers were hanging out with friends at popular hangout spots Saturday, one Jonesboro teen was arrested for possession of marijuana and a gun, according to a police report.

The police report stated that a 17-year-old-boy was arrested when he eventually admitted to having a gun and admitted to having a clear plastic baggie of marijuana on him.

Officer Austin Morgan wrote in his report that he pulled over a white passenger car on Hoover Street after the vehicle made "an abnormally wide turn south bound onto Drake Street, almost striking a car parked on the east side of the road on Drake." Morgan said the driver then almost hit another vehicle.

As Morgan attempted to pull over the car, the vehicle started moving again. A second officer assisted with the traffic stop.

Morgan and Officer Josh Landreth stated they smelled marijuana from outside the vehicle.

Before searching the vehicle, Morgan asked the juvenile, sitting in the passenger side, to step out and if any weapons were in the vehicle. Morgan said the juvenile "looked toward the inside of the vehicle reluctantly before saying no."

Morgan then found a black pistol and a magazine with four rounds under the passenger seat. The juvenile then admitted the pistol was his. Officers also found a small plastic baggie with marijuana in the juvenile's pockets, according to the report.

The other occupants of the vehicle were released after the search.

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