Group no longer challenging mayoral election

A group of registered voters in Mississippi County voluntarily dismissed their request for a grand jury investigation into the Blytheville mayoral election.

According to a news release, challenger Tommy Abbot will no longer move forward with a lawsuit challenging the election results.

The original complaint alleged several ballots were cast illegally by unpardoned, convicted felons. It also states there were irregular and illegal absentee ballots.

According to Arkansas Code, in the event of suspected illegal votes, 10 citizens can request a criminal investigation.

A judge can then decide whether a grand jury will be called. That request must be sent in within 20 days of the election.

Arkansas Code states an election candidate can challenge election results by filing a civil lawsuit.

The candidate will have to provide the names of voters who cast illegal ballots then file the lawsuit within 20 days of the release of the election results.

The news release states the complaint was filed before Circuit Judge Ralph Wilson on Dec. 15.

After filing with the clerk's office, it was assigned to Judge Pam Honeycutt.

To date, Judge Honeycutt has not made any ruling on this case.

The news release states Mr. Abbott's supporters investigated 100 of 3,000 voters.

It also states an investigation revealed the number of felons who could be confirmed voters didn't make up the number of votes that put Mayor Sanders in the lead.

This matter is expected to be formally discussed within the next few days.

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