Christmas baskets for Veterans in need

Christmas baskets for Veterans in need

A Region 8 business spreads holiday cheer to veterans.

Leonard and Virgie's place in Kennett, Missouri is giving away Christmas baskets to veterans in need this holiday season.

The food basket includes turkey, ham, vegetables and more.

The founder and CEO, Beverly Thomas said the basket provides veterans with enough food not only for Christmas Day, but at least an entire week.

We spoke with the wife of an Army Veteran who is a regular at Leonard and Virgie's Place and received a Christmas basket from the business.

Rachel Phillips said her husband Brandon was enlisted in the Army as a Cavalry Scout.

Brandon Phillips served in Iraq for 4 years.

Mrs. Phillips says since he's retired, her family has fallen on hard times.

"Income, finances, is probably the hardest part," she said.

She said because her husband is disabled, it's hard for him to find work.

"His knees, his arms, his shoulders, his back is all injured from being in the war zone an combat zone."

Phillips said it's a struggle but her family is doing the best they can.

"It's a struggle. day by day, week by week, check by check."

She said she visits Leonard and Virgie's place often and it's been a big help for her family during their difficult time.

"When income is short it's kind of hard to go shopping. so a lot of our clothes come from here. we have found really nice things that don't make you feel so poor."

She said receiving the Christmas basket has helped her family tremendously this holiday season.

"That's extra money you have to put out for a special dinner during the holidays. we're going to have a bigger family this year and it's really helped us a lot."

Thomas says she was inspired to give back to veterans this year in honor of her late husband, who is a Marine Veteran.

"He would tell me a lot of times it was the soldier who made it possible for a lot of things we do. It's the soldier that makes it possible for us to have Christmas and be free," she said.

She sends a big thanks to everyone who has served in the military.

"Christmas is hard time when you have a person in the military that is not there with you. I just wanted to do something to remind me of how my Marine fought for the country."

Thomas says Leonard and Virgie's place offers a variety of items to people in need and it's all free of charge.

They don't only serve people in Kennett, Thomas says her doors are open to anyone from surrounding areas.

You can visit Leonard and Virgie's Place at 239 North Main Street, Kennett, MO or call (573) 888-2280.

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