Random act of kindness helps single mom in Region 8

Random act of kindness helps single mom in Region 8

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - It's the season of giving, and one random act of kindness in Region 8 allowed for a single mom to give her kids a very merry Christmas.

During her shift, it's Jenny Barns' job to make her customers happy, but on a random day in November, it was Barns who received a special gift.

Three women walked into the Chili's in Paragould and asked to sit in the section of a server who is a single mother. Barns said she served them their meal, and then brought them their ticket like normal.

"They handed me an envelope that said random act of kindness," Barns said. "I didn't open it in front of them. I said thank you. Then I walked in the back and opened it, and it had $165 in it."

Barns said she was shocked. "It was emotional because it means a lot to me," Barns said. "When I went back out to thank them and tell them what it meant, they were already gone."

Barns is a single mother of three, and before receiving the gift she was already stressing about Christmas.

"I was really worried how I was going to get Christmas for my kids," Barns said. "It is extremely difficult to budget, you know, you can't plan nothing because you never know what you are going to go home with."

Barns said the $165 went a long way. "I was able to, you know, catch up on bills, and put that towards Christmas."

While she always thanks her customers, she said the three women who blessed her deserve much more.

"For someone who doesn't even know me to take the time to come up with that money and come up here to do that, it means a lot," Barns said.

She didn't get to give them an extra thank you that day, but if she ever saw them again she would want them to know how appreciative she is.

"I would want to say thank you, that you made my kids Christmas, and it means a lot to me," Barns said. "It really touched my heart."

She said the random act of kindness has taught her and her sons about the importance of giving back to others.

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