Harrisburg Mourns The Loss Of Daughter, Sister, And Friend

January 05 2005 -- Posted at 11:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- "We were cousins. We were just like sisters. She was like the sister I never had. Today would've been her birthday,"said Jennifer Renfro.

Bobby Lynn Renfro's family planned a birthday party for her today, but instead they are now planning her funeral.

She would have been 18.

Her cousin, Jennifer Renfro, says the whole situation is hard to believe.

"I've never had a sister. I only had brothers. She was like a sister to me...we were best friends,"said Jennifer Renfro.

Bobby Lynn, described as a friend to all, and a genuine spirit, may have died at a young age, but her impression will never be forgotten.

Kenneth Renfro was Bobbi Lynn's brother.

"She never met a stranger. She loved everybody. I mean, she touched a lot of lives,"said Renfro.

A young girl that was old enough to understand the gift of sharing.

"Her, and her dad, put me up in this house to live so I can go to school,"said Jennifer Renfro.

Birthday plans weren't the only ones left behind.

Bobby Lynn was a senior at Harrisburg High School, just months away from graduation.

"I graduated last year, and she was there for me. It was wonderful,"said Renfro.

There may be an empty seat at graduation, but her shoes will never be filled.

She is described as an angel.

Friends say she lent her giving spirit to the others.