Fusion Media outages upset customers

Fusion Media outages upset customers

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Fusion Media is working to revamp its services.

While the company works to make improvements, over 2,000 customers are experiencing outages.

Some say they haven't had any cable, internet or phone service for weeks and are demanding answers.

Chris Woodall, the network engineer, said the company is working to move all their network equipment to one headend location and that's been the cause of the outages.

"All of your signals, everything starts in the headend. If you have problems in the headend, you're going to have problems all over the entire field."

He said having several headends do not provide any benefit for reception and service.

"There are too many points of failure. It needs to be housed in the heart of where the system is."

As the revamp is underway, Woodall says they've run into some issues along the way and they have to tackle those first.

"There's no sense in going out there and band-aiding stuff if we don't have our inside infrastructure right," he said.

That's what Woodall said he and other crews have been working on.

"We're getting our inside infrastructure on the level it needs to be so when our crews, contractors and everybody is out there working, we're not out there wasting time. We're not doing band-aids, we're going out there we're doing the real deal, we're getting stuff fixed."

Woodall said the equipment the company has is too old and does not meet the demands of today's technology.

"That equipment hasn't been updated over the last 10 years."

He said in order to get the high speed internet everyone wants, they have to do major upgrades.

He also said he understands the customers are frustrated but they are working to complete the repairs to the best of their ability.

"I know they're upset. This has been going on for far too long and we know that. We all know that."

Manon Monte, an owner of Fusion Media said the company is working to repair their road lines as well, so that could cause a delay.

Woodall said right now, he can't give an estimate on when everyone will have their services will restored.

"I truly feel like our progress we've made here in the last couple of weeks here at the headend and the progress we're making today and possibly tomorrow is getting close to being completed. There are a few things we need to do but it's not as important as other things we need to do next."

Woodall says some people may get some of their services back today but he can't make any promises.

"When we are 100% confident and we see results, then we'll say yes the problem is fixed."

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