Lawrence County to take over Hoxie dispatch

Lawrence County to take over Hoxie dispatch

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Lawrence County will take over the Hoxie dispatch.

The Hoxie City Council hosted a special session Tuesday and went over several issues.

On the agenda, the 2015 budget and an inter-local agreement to hand over the city's dispatch to the county.

City Council members approved the 2015 budget, which included moving the dispatch.

The ordinance states Hoxie will have to pay $4,000 a month throughout the duration of this agreement in exchange for Lawrence County providing dispatch services to Hoxie.

Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker said the move will save the city money in the long run.

"We could save over $40,000 per year & we're doing that for a five year contract. That's a $200,000 savings over a five year period."

Mayor Tinker said after reviewing the situation they didn't have much of a choice.

"We've reviewed those other options but this was the most feasible."

He said residents should not be concerned about any delays in service or slower response times.

"There should be no significant differences in emergency services, police services or fire services than what we've provided in the past. It should be as quick as a radio operator dispatching a police officer or somebody out of emergency services."

He said calls to the Hoxie Police Department will soon be rerouted to Lawrence County 911, from there calls will be redirected to the appropriate number.

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