Jonesboro police react to threats against officers in NWA

Jonesboro police react to threats against officers in NWA

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Threatening words against police officers in Northwest Arkansas have caught many by surprise. The photo, taken in a convenient store in Rogers, Arkansas, is being shared on social media around the state.

The threat states an officer's life will be taken on New Year's Eve in Rogers.

However, reaction from officers in Jonesboro might serve as an eye opener for many.

"Not surprised, with everything that's going on across the nation." JPD Officer Tony Zaffarano said. "Unfortunately, that's part of our job that we have to deal with every day."

Zaffarano is an eleven year veteran with the department. He said threats are just part of the job that keep them on their toes.

"If we do get a threat or we find something on the Internet, because we do monitor Facebook and some social media," Zaffarano said. "We take it serious and try to handle it and make sure we go home at night."

We rode along with Zaffarano Tuesday as his shift started. Though things remained quiet, he said you never know when their job could change in an instant.

"One minute everything is fine and the next minute, the wrong thing could be said or done and somebody could change...we just have to be on our toes and be able to handle any situation."

Though Zaffarano said officers do expect to hear gunshots on New Year's Eve, they say they are often just connected to people ringing in the New Year.

"That's one of our more interesting nights when you hear the gunshots going off on New Year's Eve, I never understood it."

As for the threat in Rogers, police there say their response is to continue to do their duty and it will not alter how they do their job.

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