New year brings new hope for jobs

New year brings new hope for jobs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The new year brings potential for a new job and employment agencies are working to find people jobs in 2015, but what does the forecast for jobs look like?

Ethan McNece, branch manager for Productive Staffing in Jonesboro, said it looks good.

"It seems like Christmas and the new year bring everybody out," McNece said. "We've had a ton of people. Our door stays open all day long."

People like Sean Selesky, who said it was scary when he moved to Jonesboro with no job.

"I was kind of without anything," Selesky said. "I have a brand new daughter, a stepson and I didn't have anything lined up."

He said he imagines many people without work are feeling this way, but luckily 2015 may better.

"Most of our big manufacturers in the area do great big hire ons in January," McNece said. "So we have a ton of openings right now in the Jonesboro area."

McNece said he believes this year looks good for jobs because they've been busy before the new year.

"We were busy in December, so to be busy before the new year hits, we can only imagine what January through the rest of this year is going to bring for us," McNece said.

It goes both ways. McNece said they have received calls from big businesses needing help, along with people who are looking for work.

"I think it's all about the economy here in Jonesboro," McNece said. "We keep putting people to work it's only going to help our economy here locally."

McNece knows being without work can be frightening, but he encourages those looking for jobs to seek help. Selesky agrees, and said he remembers that fear before he found employment, but his advice is to have hope.

"Don't be afraid," Selesky said. "They're here to help. People are here to help."

"It all starts from a phone call," McNece said.

With the way things are going, and with new businesses coming to the area, McNece said he believes 2015 will be even better than last year.

"That's all we can hope for, is that the unemployment rate goes down and we keep on putting people to work," McNece said. "I think we are looking really good next year."

McNece said he knows of at least 40 people starting new jobs on Monday, and he thinks this just goes to show what great things the new year may bring for the job market.

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