Arkansas State fans excited to be back in Mobile

Arkansas State fans excited to be back in Mobile

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State fans were excited that the Red Wolves returned to Mobile, AL, for the GoDaddy Bowl.

Everywhere you looked in Wintzell's Oyster House, a famous restaurant in town, all you saw were Red Wolves fans, and they love Mobile.

Fan Ken Stewart was not disappointed when A-State was invited back to the GoDaddy Bowl.

"It's always fun. When I heard we were going back to Mobile a lot of people said 'I don't want to go back to Mobile.' I said hey they treat us nice. It's fun. Let's go. We don't know what those other cities are doing Montgomery and those other options. I like Mobile," Stewart said.

Scott McDaniel agreed that Red Wolves fans are comfortable in Mobile.

"Well you have fresh seafood. You have an old city. You have great architecture. You just have a great environment," McDaniel said. "It's that casual kind of laid back kind of feeling. It's just a neat city. I'll tell you something else too I think Jonesboro has kind of made this the second home for sure."

"It's beautiful," Joe Massey said. "There's a ton of people. Every year it seems to get more crowded. We have a blast coming down here and the people of Mobile make it feel extremely welcoming."

It's an environment that A-State fans didn't want to miss, no matter what.

One fan had some health issues recently, but he was still ready to greet the Red Wolves.

"And at this exact time last Saturday I had a major heart attack and at this very time last week I had surgery, got a stent put in," Mike Holifield said. "Doctors weren't sure I'd be able to make the trip, but I took it easy this week and made the trip and I'm so glad I did."

It's obvious A-State loves Mobile and the city loves the Red Wolves too.

"It's great for business, it's great for the city of Mobile," Wintzell's general manager Chuck Rhem said. "Wintzell has been here for over 75 years as an institution in Mobile, and we love having the GoDaddy Bowl and we just love the fans."

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