Jonesboro man fights off would-be robbers

Jonesboro man fights off would-be robbers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Police believe two men were after rent money when they attempted to rob an apartment complex employee in Jonesboro.

According to the incident report, the attempted robbery happened at the Cedar Heights Apartments, just off Johnson Ave. near the university, on Saturday, Jan. 3.

The victim told police a man knocked on the door. When he answered, the victim said two black men, one with a handgun, started pushing themselves into the apartment.

The victim said one of the men pointed the gun at his face and said, "You're gonna give me all your money, you [expletive].”

The suspects did not make it very far into the apartment. According to the report, the victim was able to fight back and pushed the suspects out of the apartment and into hedges. The suspects ran off after that.

The victim believed the suspects thought there was cash inside the apartment, because rent was due. The victim said one of the suspects claimed to be another employee at the complex, but did not believe that was true.

Police have not made any arrests in the case. 

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