Evening Shade Soldier Remembered as Loving Father

January 6, 2005 -- Posted 5:45 p.m. CDT

Evening Shade, AR -- It's the news no mother wants to hear.

"I asked them and Lisa asked them are you sure," said Barbara Marcum. "They said yes, there was no mistaken."

Barbara Marcum is grieving over the death of her baby son, Specialist Joshua Sam Marcum, who served with the 3rd Battalion of Arkansas' 39th Infantry Brigade based out of Batesville.

"He said a lot of people needed help and a lot of people wanted help over there," said Marcum.

Just 33 years old, and a husband and father of 5, this member of the Army National Guard was killed by insurgents, while traveling in his humvee in Baghdad.

"Ever since he was a little kid he wanted to be like G.I. Joe, everybody that has called keeps reminding me about what a great person he was," said Marcum.

With every phone call and comforting voice this mother still continues to have a hard time believing this is all a reality.

"Angry -- no I'm hurt," sobbed Marcum. "I can't be angry because he always wanted to be in the military and he loves this country."

Marcum leaves behind a newly married wife Lisa, and 3 boys and 2 girls. They were all looking forward to having their dream home.

"She's still hoping that they'll come and tell her that it wasn't Josh and they made a mistake," said Marcum.

Barbara Marcum remembers and occasionally smiles about the memories of her loving son, and she can't help but talk about his impact on the children: an impact that now remains forever his legacy.

"He was counting the days, when he wrote he had 5 months and 17 days, and he'd put that on Stephanie's letter. He told her that he loved her and finish school and be a good girl," said Marcum.

A message from a father to a daughter that was sent too early in life, while fighting for a noble cause.