Wynne police search for victim's attacker

Wynne police search for victim's attacker
(Source: KAIT)

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - A woman was abducted Tuesday afternoon at gunpoint and police are looking for her attacker.

According to the Wynne Police Department, a woman was abducted at her home in the Dodd Hill area of Wynne. With the suspect still on the loose, police are trying to calm fears.

"We are urging everybody to take precaution, and be aware of your surroundings when you're leaving your house or coming home," Detective Mike Smith said.

Smith said they are looking for the suspect who abducted the woman at her home, forced her to drive a car west of town and tied her up.

"Once she had gotten out in the county she had been forced out of the car, her hands and feet bound, she was assaulted, and forced into the trunk of the car," Smith said.

Smith said after the assault, reportedly outside Wynne city limits, the suspect drove the car a little more before he ditched the vehicle with the victim in the trunk. The woman had a cell phone on her and called 911.

"Trying to describe where she had been," Smith said. "Cross County Deputy Kendole Boykin was able to locate the car and free her from the trunk."

Smith said multiple law enforcement agencies searched the area looking for a suspect, but no one was found.

"Due to the suspect's face being covered, the victim was unable to give a description of the suspect so hopefully some physical evidence, DNA or fingerprints that will hopefully lead us into the direction of a suspect," Smith said.

Evidence from the vehicle and the victim's home has been sent to the state crime lab for analysis.

"The victim was taken to the Cross Ridge Hospital, treated and released, and later interviewed at the police department," Smith said.

Smith said considering the weather, the woman could have been hurt much worse.

"This kind of weather, even though she wasn't physically injured at that point, she could have very well froze to death," Smith said.

Smith said, physically, the victim is doing fine.

Wynne Police encourage anyone with information to call them at 238-8718.

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