Neighbor finds signs of squatter in vacant home

Neighbor finds signs of squatter in vacant home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A courtesy check on a friend's house led to a scary surprise for one local man.

Danny Mounce said the homeowner asked him to winterize their vacant home in the 2700-block of Wood Street.

While doing so, Mounce began to notice several things were different since the last time he was in the home.

“The door was unlocked again and they said it was all locked when they left,” he said. “Somebody had been sleeping on a mattress, eating and smoking, so we searched the house and didn't find anybody.”

He also found a gun case on top of a kitchen cabinet.

Mounce and another person continued to winterize the home, then called the homeowner who then notified police.

Officers searched the property and found two rifles and a fixed blade knife. One of the weapons was a .257 caliber Weatherby rifle outfitted with a collapsible bipod and a night scope.

According to the incident report, after running the serial numbers on the weapons, police learned the guns had been stolen out of Greene County.

Mounce told police the homeowner's son is “on the run from law enforcement in Arkansas and Louisiana” and has knowledge that the home is vacant.

However, Corporal David McDaniel said nothing was found inside the house that would identify any particular person as the one who had been squatting there.

An extra patrol has been requested for the neighborhood, and police ask that residents report any issues in their neighborhoods.

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