Residents wake up to frozen pipes Thursday morning

Residents wake up to frozen pipes Thursday morning

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With freezing temperatures across the Region 8 viewing area expected until this weekend, some residents already woke up to damaged pipes, according to local plumbing companies.

Danny Nuckles of Nuckles & Son Plumbing said people need to act as soon as they discover frozen pipes.

"Either turn your water off, get a hold of a plumber to turn it off or call City Water and Light to turn it off," Nuckles said.

The cold days are not the only threat to the safety of your pipes. It's actually when the temperature begins to rise and your pipes thaw, which may not happen for a few days.

"The cold weather freezes and once it freezes, it's solid," Nuckles said. "It's just ice and when it starts thawing out, that's when you have the problems because it has already busted the pipe."

To prevent freezing, open cabinets to allow heat to get to your pipes on outside facing walls. Keeping your faucet dripping during the day will help prevent freezing, but only when pipes are inside the house.

"You can let the water run a little bit if your pipes are not on the outside of the house like an old house. If the drain pipes are on the outside of the wall then they will freeze up solid if you do that," Nuckles said. "But if your pipes are under the floor or in the walls, you are fine with it dripping."

Nuckles is hopeful that last year's winter weather won't repeat itself this year.

"Like last year we had 170 jobs in three days, it got so bad," Nuckles said.

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