Icy weather in Region 8 impacts drivers

Icy weather in Region 8 impacts drivers

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Parts of Region 8 experienced winter weather Sunday morning.

Several road and business signs were icy but the roads weren't.

Many residents in the Walnut Ridge area said most of the problems they encountered with traveling Sunday happened at home.

"My doors were frozen shut and my windows were covered in a sheet of ice. I had to de-ice the doors and windshield before I could even get into the cars," Leslie Ripley said.

She said she had a little scare while getting into her car.

"In the driveway where I stepped out and went to get in the car I slipped a little bit," Ripley said.

Donna Pinkston, said her mother had a similar accident.

"She wanted to go get her paper and she just about fell in her carport on her sidewalk," Pinkston said.

Drivers said whatever was frozen Sunday morning was melted by the time they decided to hit the road.

"All I experienced was just the wet roads, no ice where I was driving at," Sarah Hudson said.

"When we got to church there was just a little ice but it melted by the time church was over," said Ricca Brady.

Ripley said she's afraid her commute home may be more slippery.

"I know I don't want to be out and have to experience it because I don't drive good on ice. It kind of scares me," she said.

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