Motorcycle club members face charges for selling alcohol

Motorcycle club members face charges for selling alcohol

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Two people were cited after police say their organization was caught selling alcohol without a license.

On Saturday, the Craighead County Sheriff's Office received a complaint that the Saints and Sinners Motorcycle Club was selling alcohol in their clubhouse, on Highway 49 near Brookland.

A deputy talked to the club's president, Michael Walls, who said the club receives regular visits from an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) investigator, and they never found anything illegal. Walls said the club did have alcohol inside the club house, but they were not selling it.

According to the incident report, Walls said the club is constantly being turned in because it is always hosting fundraisers, which brings a lot of people to the clubhouse.

Later Saturday evening, two deputies were patrolling near the clubhouse when they noticed several vehicles in the parking lot and saw a woman walking out of the clubhouse with what looked like an alcoholic beverage. One deputy also reported seeing a man walk out with a beer can.

When the deputies went inside the clubhouse they noticed several people drinking and what looked like a bar, the report stated. A container was sitting on the bar with money inside, but was not marked for tips or donations. The officers talked to Walls and the bartender, Richard Baldwin.

According to the report, one deputy explained that he saw Baldwin serve someone a drink in exchange for money.

Walls told the officers that "several people lined up just to donate." Baldwin also said that if people wanted to give money to donate, he would take it.

Officers did not notice anyone who appeared to be underage drinking any alcohol.

One person inside the clubhouse told officers a $1 donation was supposed to be given per drink, but he had donated as much as $20 before. He, and several others inside the club, said that donations were not required though.

There was $111 found in the money bags at the bar. A gift card and $20 was specifically labeled for the subject of the benefit, so it was left with Walls. The rest of the money and the alcohol was confiscated.

Walls later admitted that the ABC investigator who checked the clubhouse did advise him that giving an alcoholic drink for money, whether it's a donation or not, was illegal.

Walls and Richards were both charged with sale and possession of intoxicating liquor without a license.

They were given a court date of Jan. 13.

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