Farmers Already Preparing For Spring Planting Season

January 08, 2005 -- Posted at 5:45 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD -- A little bit of everything was on sale at the Greene County fairgrounds this morning.

Whether you came in with a list of items to buy, or just wanted to browse---there was certainly plenty to see.

Terry Waits is an agriculture instructor at Greene County Tech High School.

"We have row crop equipment, hay equipment, cattle equipment, small tractors, large tractors. We have a lot of miscellaneous items people use in workshops and garages......things like that,"said Waits.

This open sale has a rich history in Greene County.

It began as a community project in 1974, and just like this community, the project gets bigger each year.

"We have equipment from out of state buyers, and equipment from three states here today,"said Waits.

Part of the commission from the sales will go to Greene County Tech's FFA program, many of whom volunteered at today's open sale.

Waits says important lessons are learned when students participate.

"Obviously everything out here is not named. We have a few mystery items out here. The kids learn a lot about the equipment. Needless to say, they learn a lot about people skills. We have a lot of buyers and sellers, so the kids have to learn to interact with the people and equipment,"said Waits.

Students say the reward is definitely worth the long hours spent preparing for today's event.

"Those proceeds go towards student related events, like conventions. We buy the jackets, and adopt a family at Christmas, and stuff like that,"said student, Mallory Wray.

Hundreds of items were on sale, but even if you left empty handed, Waits says there's a good chance you at least got to say hello to an old friend.