Hutchinson's inaugural speech calls for change to move Arkansas forward

Hutchinson's inaugural speech calls for change to move Arkansas forward
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LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT) - Asa Hutchinson was sworn in as the 46th elected governor of the state of Arkansas Tuesday in Little Rock. The historic moment played out in the standing room only House Chamber.

Shortly after taking the oath, Hutchinson took to the steps of the State Capitol to give his inaugural speech.

"I am humbled by the opportunity and the responsibility that you, the people of Arkansas, have bestowed upon me," Hutchinson said.

The Republican from Northwest Arkansas will lead the state's executive branch and his Republican Party leads both houses.

It's the first time since 1870 that Republicans have held the House and Senate under a Republican governor.

"But governing is not about which political party is in the majority. Governing is about setting aside differences and searching for common ground," Hutchinson said.

That common ground must be found on key issues that Arkansas is facing. From education to healthcare to the state's prison system, Hutchinson said Arkansas cannot be satisfied with the status quo of the state.

However, Hutchinson said his top priority will be growing the state's economy and that adaptation is key to making that happen.

"To adapt our agriculture, our government services, our healthcare system and our industry to our changing world without forsaking our values," Hutchinson said. "We can compete and win in this global marketplace by lowering our tax rates, starting with the middle class."

Hutchinson said his plans and goals for the state will better the lives of Arkansans who work hard.

"And when they work hard enough, they should move up the economic ladder. These are common sense values to give Arkansans hope. Hope for a better life," Hutchinson said.

Monday, the 2015 legislative session convened in Little Rock. As lawmakers were able to start filing bills in November, there are already a number of bills before the House and Senate for consideration.

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