Website outage hampers business at NEA Humane Society

Website outage hampers business at NEA Humane Society


A website outage put business at the NEA Humane Society in a bind.

Margaret Shepherd, director of the Humane Society, said she noticed something was wrong on Sunday.

"After 1 p.m. I wasn't getting anymore emails. Well, that's pretty unusual for me because I'm usually in touch with other rescue organizations, breed specific rescues and adopters through email," she said.

The problems continued the next day.

"I tried to submit some emails to our PetSmart charity "Rescue Wagon" and they were not receiving them and I wasn't getting anything back," she said.

Two days later Shepherd still does not know what caused the website to crash.

"Nobody can tell me exactly what the cause of this is, whether we somehow got a virus," she said. "But, I was told more than likely it's through the server."

Not having access to her emails has caused a rift in the day-to-day operations of the shelter.

"Any given day I can have between 20 and 50 emails that need a response," she said. "Whether it's through one of our rescue groups we work with, or a member of the public looking to adopt a dog or cat. It's particularly difficult because I can't respond to them and I don't even know that I have their email. Potentially a pet is not being adopted because I'm not able to respond to inquiries."

Shepherd hopes the issue with the website will be resolved sooner than later.


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