Proposed bill could put more teens on the road

Proposed bill could put more teens on the road

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT) - A Mountain View legislator wants to remove a requirement that could pave the way for thousands of teenagers to get an unrestricted driver's license earlier.

Senate Bill 49, which has been proposed by Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain Home, would repeal the requirement "that a person between sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years of age first obtain a restricted driver's license before being eligible to obtain a driver's license".

Children would still be able to receive a restricted license or a hardship license under the proposed law.

Under current Arkansas law, 16-year olds must get a learner's permit if they didn't get the permit sooner.

Before a person is allowed to drive on the road without supervision, they still must pass the written exam and the driving test.

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