Bill proposes changes to sex offender reporting requirements

Bill proposes changes to sex offender reporting requirements

GREENE COUNTY,AR (KAIT) - A new bill could change the way sex offenders register and report in the state of Arkansas.

The bill, introduced by Senator Jon Woods and Representative Charlene Fite, would require local law enforcement agencies to take on more of the responsibilities, instead of the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

Those requirements include reporting changes for addresses, employment, name and others.

Greene County Sheriff David Carter said his department already handles most of the responsibilities included in the bill.

“We're probably the strictest in the state,” He said.

Sheriff Carter said he has an employee that deals with sex offender cases among others.

“We monitor ours very closely with the home visits and we go above and beyond what the state requires,” He said.

Sheriff Carter said he understands how placing additional responsibilities on local law enforcement could strain some departments.

“It might put a burden on their workload. It would be more work and they may not have the time to concentrate on that one thing,” He said.

To help combat those issues, Sheriff Carter said he plans to ask the Quorum Court about hiring a full time employee that would only deal with sex offender cases and writs of assistance.

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