Low gas prices help truck and SUV sales

Low gas prices help truck and SUV sales

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - In 2008, truck and SUV sales took a beating when gas prices hit nearly $4, but with gas prices staying low car dealerships say they are seeing an increase in sales.

Those who already drive trucks and SUV's said they are enjoying the discount at the pump.

"Oh it's amazing," Tabitha Hibbs said.

"It's great," Brandon Stevens said. "Sitting here paying a $1.74 today. I can't argue about that a bit."

It used to take one driver $100 to fill up his Yukon, but Saturday it only took $40. Drivers aren't the only ones seeing the benefits of low gas prices.

"We have seen an increase in our large truck and SUV segments, going up in the mid 20%," said Justin Duckert, sales representative for Central Chevrolet.

Duckert said fuel economy is always a concern for customers, but with these prices trucks and SUV's seem more manageable.

"When people come in and they are kind of on the fence on what their fuel mileage is going to be on a truck, it really helps when they know they are going to save a dollar a gallon versus what it was maybe a year ago," Duckert said.

By saving at the pump, customers may be able to upgrade their choices.

"The price at the pump is going to help them be able to afford maybe the extra ten or twenty dollars a month in a vehicle that maybe has some more equipment than they originally thought they could get," Duckert said.

Duckert said while truck sales are rising, car sales are going well also.

"Still really helps with the ones that are very fuel efficient, knowing that, wow my gas prices are going to be really cheap whenever I go to buy this vehicle," Duckert said.

Central Chevrolet is enjoying a good start to 2015, and Duckert believes it's not just their sales increasing. He thinks the whole community is benefiting.

"When somebody's got a little extra money, they may be able to take their family out to eat or to the movies and do something extra with that money," Duckert said. "So I definitely think you would see that ripple effect on boosting the economy everywhere in Jonesboro and the local community."

While many are enjoying the low gas prices, some industries are being hit hard, such as the oil market.

Nevertheless, drivers said they hope to see the gas prices stay under $2.

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