ASU students feel safe on campus after alleged rape incident

ASU students feel safe on campus after alleged rape incident

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Arkansas State University saw notices put up by University police involving an 18-year-old female student and an alleged rape on Friday.

Even though students know this may have happened on campus, most of them still feel a sense of security as they walk to their destination.

"Maybe I'm a little more self-conscious now in light of the recent incident," Junior Megan Hight said. "I'd have to say pretty safe overall."

Hight isn't the only student who feels safe when on campus even though University police posted notices with information on the incident.

"It's concerning but I know people are taking care of it at Arkansas State," Freshman Tori Bell said.

University police provide various services that students can utilize if they feel uncomfortable walking around campus. A common service for universities in Arkansas are emergency buttons that call police.

Another popular service is a police escort, which Junior Loni Bean says she uses often.

"But you can call them specifically at the police department which I've done several times walking back from the gym at night, you know 10 or 11," Bean said. "It feels kinda weird to be by yourself at night as a college girl. So I call them and they take me right over to my dorm."

Long time students know of these services and how to find them.

Senior Jessica Buford said it's important to keep new students in the know when it comes to these service

"I mean, I think that's the main thing just to keep freshman and new, like incoming students informed of the options that they have," Buford said. "They don't have to be scared cause there are ways to prevent it."

With the recent incident, where does ASU rank with other schools when it comes to alleged forcible sex offenses?

According to the Washington Post, ASU has fewer incidents compared to other colleges in Arkansas like the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville or the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

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