Jackson County students celebrate Martin Luther King Day by helping others

Jackson County students celebrate Martin Luther King Day by helping others

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) - To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what he stood for, the Jackson County School District got together to help out their fellow man.

Students as young as third graders spent Monday morning learning about civil rights and King's message.

Students also gathered at Tuckerman to prepare food and learn about the civil rights movement.

Fourth grader Maggie Doyle explains what they learned in class. "We talked about how he wanted everybody to have equal rights, blacks and whites and how he wanted everyone to join hands," Doyle said.

Doyle and her fellow students were not the only people involved in the Monday's events. Arkansas State University students and Every Child is Ours came together to prepare food for the elderly they planned to visit. Andrew Tryon says today is a big step forward for the community and the students.

"You know, what today is, to show how far we have come from years ago so I think it's great for the generation and the people today to show how we put the past behind us and we are coming together as a community one day at a time," Tryon said.

Togetherness was a common theme for the fourth grade students who were about to head to the nursing homes.

"And we are going there and give cookies out to people and we just want everyone to be together," student Maggie Anderson said.

Fourth grader Audrey Altom says the one thing she learned is to not judge someone by the color of their skin but what lies within

"Make new, make more friends with everybody and not judge them by the color of their skin but what's inside," Altom said.

As the events came to a close, the students loaded up and arrived at the nursing homes. They explained what they learned then ended the visit with a hug.

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