Construction continues on new A-State press box

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - In August, Arkansas State University announced the expansion of Centennial Bank Stadium. With the help of a $5 million dollar donation, the press box is first on the list to be renovated.

Terry Mohajir, Arkansas State University athletic director, said the press box definitely needed some attention.

"When I got here in '89, you know that press box is the same press box," Mohajir said. "It's old and now we just need to compete."

Mohajir said the department is competing with the big screen.

"You know one of our biggest competitions in inner-collegiate athletics now is the 70-inch TV in people's house," Mohajir said.

Joining the need to compete is the need for extra funds.

"Needing to generate revenue to build our budget, we looked at that as a real great opportunity with premium seating and club seats," Mohajir said.

The new press box will have 21 suites and more than 300 club seats.

"Not only are we improving the press box, but we are also improving the concourse area, more additional bathrooms, some concession areas," Mohajir said.

It's where the revenue is going, Mohajir said, that matters.

"Really the first and foremost was how to generate revenue to enhance our services for our students," Mohajir said. "It is really the most important thing."

Services that include assisting student athletes with academics, training, and nutrition.

Another plus, the project is helping local business by using local contractors.

"Not only are we building facilities and helping the landscape of our inner-collegiate athletic teams, our university, but also really driving economic revenues to the community," Mohajir said

Mohajir said the athletic department is following the university in its plan for growth and expansion.

"The sky's the limit, and this is just one step of taking our program and our university to a level that our fans, quite frankly, never thought would happen," Mohajir said.

The university said the project is on time and is scheduled to be complete in July, just in time for the 2015 football season.

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