Newport to look at new taxi service at city council meeting

Newport to look at new taxi service at city council meeting

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - The city of Newport will be looking into a new taxi service Tuesday night during the city council meeting.

A taxi service is not new to the city. Mayor David Stewart said there are people in the community who would benefit from this service.

"I think it will be widely used here in town by both the elderly folks and those who just don't have transportation and unfortunately we do have those folks here in Newport," Stewart said.

He says a service like the one being looked at has been needed for a while in the city.

"That's something that we have been needing for quite some time," Stewart said. "We always in the past have had a taxi but for the last couple of years, we've been without one."

The former taxi service didn't make it in Newport, and Stewart says they just left.

"The previous taxi service for one reason went out of business," Stewart said. "They were not able to sustain business here and for one reason or another they just left."

During the time the city has been without a taxi service, the local police have lent a hand to those in need.

"Many times our police department now takes people home from the emergency room and our local hospital and different other things where people just don't have a ride," Stewart said. "There are many people in Newport that I think will use this taxi service."

Before the service can set up shop in Newport, a resolution must be passed to ensure certain requirements are met.

"It's very much regulated, the type of vehicle that they have and the cleanliness," Stewart said. "We just want to make sure, to ensure that there is a good service here."

Stewart believed there was no opposition to the taxi based on the previous services.

"I don't see any opposition to a taxi service here," Stewart said. "Again, we've had them in the past and they've always been very well used."

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