Local community colleges excited about President's tuition plan

Local community colleges excited about President's tuition plan

MARKED TREE (KAIT) - On Tuesday night at the State of the Union address, President Obama announced he would send his new community college plan to Congress.

"That's why I'm sending this Congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college… to zero," President Obama said.

Community colleges in Region 8, like ASU-Newport, are excited about the plan.

For Chancellor Dr. Sandra Massey, the only issue is the lack of information.

"President Obama's plan sounds good but at this point we don't have any information in terms of how that would be funded," Dr. Massey said. "It's really hard to know how that would impact the college and the students."

The college itself isn't the only group excited about the plan. Students are happy to see a new opportunity become available.

"I think it's a great idea," student Deandre Campbell said. "It really would help out a lot of people."

For cosmetology student Trisha Duckworth, this plan has come at a great time. Her only wish is that it could have come sooner.

"I know for me, myself, it's kinda harder to go back at this later age and if I had some more help, instead of paying out of pocket, I might have done this ten years ago instead of just now finally coming back," Duckworth said.

Current students say they are willing to do the community service required to get the free tuition, but what about the rest of Region 8?

Region 8 News conducted an online poll asking that very question.

Out of the 296 people who answered, 223 or 75.3% said they would. Only 73 or 25.7% said they would not.

The president's plan does seem to be accepted here in Region 8 and Dr. Massey says the plan would help people get one step closer to their dreams.

"We like a plan where more Americans can realize the American dream by coming to a community college to get started or go into the workforce," Dr. Massey said.

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