No plans to place stop light or lower speed at Carriage Hills subdivision

No plans to place stop light or lower speed at Carriage Hills subdivision

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Many residents of the Carriage Hills subdivision in Paragould are worried about the safety of the intersection where Carriage Hills Drive meets Highway 49.

Jackie Eldridge, who lives in the subdivision, says the traffic never slows down.

"I think it's very dangerous," Eldridge said. "The highway is always very, very busy. It doesn't slow down."

Residents have wanted either a stop light or lower speed limits in the area, but the city of Paragould has not made a request to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to start one. District Engineer for the Highway Department, Walter McMillan, said there are no plans to lower the speed limit in the area. A speed study was conducted about six weeks ago, which determined an acceptable speed.

"When we did the study about six weeks ago, the 85th percentile speed was 60 miles an hour for the section of highway 49 in front of Carriage Hill," McMillan said.

The highway department works closely with the government entity that would eventually take responsibility for the stop light. After this entity requests a light, they have to agree to maintain it and participate in construction costs.

To place a stop light in an area, the highway department said a study must be done and certain criteria must be meet before construction is given the green light to begin.

Right now, McMillan said the best thing people can do is to be patient when waiting at the stop sign and wait for a gap in the traffic.

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