Special AR 'prom-posal' goes viral

Special AR 'prom-posal' goes viral

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - A special Region 8 'prom-posal' has gone viral.

Corning High School student Cope Robinson asked Autumn Pollard to prom this year in front of the entire student body during a pep rally.

Pollard is a junior at Corning High School and has Noonan syndrome. Her parents said it affects growth, the heart and several other aspects. 

Autumn said she usually joins the mascot on the basketball court to do a dance during the pep rally but she wasn't expecting what happened next. 

"They turned me towards the words and here's Cope walking to me with purple flowers, my favorite color," Pollard said. 

Robinson, a sophomore football player, said he and Autumn go to the same church and thanks to the help of his older sister and a few others, they were able to pull off the big surprise.

He also said he hopes people see the video and feel inspired to be kind to others.

"More people see that and be like that, instead of no, I'm not going to go with this kid, I'm not going to go with that kid," said Robinson.

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