Downtown Jonesboro business temporarily closed

Downtown Jonesboro business temporarily closed

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A number of employees and former employees of a downtown Jonesboro restaurant stood and sat in front of the store for multiple hours Tuesday morning and afternoon wondering if they would be paid.

Employees of Buck Naked Wings, 305 S. Main Street, told Region 8 News they were supposed to be paid on Monday, but they were unable to reach their boss.

The owner of the restaurant, Robert Britton, said his business has encountered an issue with accounting and the employees will be paid.

However, Britton said the business is closed for the time being due to his relationship with his lease holder, Clay Young.

Young, who owns the building where Britton's restaurant is located, told Region 8 News that Britton owed several months of rent.

In a statement Young said, "My real estate company, through our legal counsel, sent Robert Britton a 3 day notice to vacate the space on January 8th for non payment of rent among other things. I am in the same boat as the employees. We are looking for Robert Britton to pay us the money he promised us."

Britton, speaking to Region 8 News by phone, said the ABC Board recently found some of his employees served alcohol to underage customers, but he said that's not the reason he temporarily closed his business.

Britton claimed that he shut down the business due to his relationship with Young. The employees who allegedly served alcohol to minors have been fired, Britton said.

According to the Jonesboro City Tax Collector's Office, Buck Naked Wings has not paid its sales tax for the month of December, which were due on Jan. 20, 2015.

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