Jonesboro employees looking for holiday pay

Jonesboro employees looking for holiday pay

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The city of Jonesboro is working to address holiday pay for employees.

Representatives with the Jonesboro Police and Fire Departments met with Mayor Harold Perrin and city council members to see if those employees are going to get paid.

At Tuesday's meeting, city leaders explained that holiday pay has been incorporated into an employee's salary since 2003.

"It has been very informative and it's definitely a good place to start for looking at pay issues not only for fire and police, but also all city employees," said Derrick Elrod of the Jonesboro Fire Department.

JPD Detective Michael McCanless said he's glad for this meeting.

"The Mayor's office and everybody involved is basically wanting to hear us out and make us feel comfortable that this is a first step in getting the issue resolved," said McCanless. "We feel good about that."

Mayor Perrin said the next steps are to look at the incentive plan, base salary, compare the 2 and work to answer additional questions raised in the meeting.

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