Huckabee Calls for Cooperation Among Administration, Chambers

January 11, 2005 - posted at 2:28 p.m. Updated 4:30 p.m. Cst

Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made his 5th and final state of the state address, with a call to action from both sides of the political aisle.

The governor addressed the General Assembly on Tuesday morning at the state capitol, and with 2 years left in his term, he's calling himself an athlete in his senior year, pledging to lead by example to get something done for the state of Arkansas.

"Those of us in the senior year need to provide leadership, a level of focus, an intense determination to leave a lasting legacy," said Huckabee.

The governor has outlined his legacy in book form for both houses of the legislature.He says his colleagues are not his enemies. Instead, he's calling for them to work together to beat the real enemy, in this case, the problems facing the state.

"We're certainly going to have to work hard, but the work we have before us is worth it," said Huckabee.

And according to the governor, that hard work begins with school facilities. He's calling it the final piece of the Lake View puzzle. Huckabee is proposing spending cash money from the estimated surplus to make a dent in this long-term process. Then there's also his 3 "H" agenda: health, highways, and higher education; 3 areas the governor believes will benefit Arkansans in the long-run.

"If the only thing we do in this General Session is address school buildings, then I believe we would have forfeited the overall gain, and we'll have a state full of unhealthy, under-employed or unemployed adults, who can not efficiently get to and from the lackluster jobs, that's the best they can hope for," said Huckabee.