Rivers Continue to Surge Outside Banks

January 11, 2004-- Posted 4:30 pm CST

Craighead & Randolph CO--It's been several days since heavy rains have swept through the area but officials are still worried what the possibility of just one strong shower could do to the region.


Officials with theRiver Forecast Center predict most Region 8 rivers above their flood stages will crest sometime tomorrow.  These forecasts include both the Cache and Black rivers.  Normally this would be good news, but weather forecasters are expecting anywhere from a possible one to two more inches of rain over the next 48 hours, obviously sending more rain waters into these already saturated areas.


Along the Cache River Sam Montgomery says this is a yearly thing.  “Yeah it happens every year.” He says.  “It’s always the same way too.”  At first glance you could almost think his parents land is lakeside property.  The Cache has leapt over its banks and onto their property.  His horses grazing land is now down to just a small strip of land.  The horses stand guard next to their fence only feet away from the slowly rising water.  “If we get anymore rain you can expect this to rise another two feet.” He says while watching his horses graze.  Then pointing to a crack in his sloping driveway he says “it could even make it up to there.”


The rivers complete disrespect for their banks has the Craighead County Road Superintendent Ed Hill’s worried too.  No roads have been closed but he says water is over parts of some roads.  Usually most county road work is done in the early spring months, but heavy rains immediately following nasty winter weather is changing all that.  “We have all our graters out right now.” Hill says.  “If we miss the rain they are talking bout and get some sun then we will be alright.”


Unfortunately more sun and no rain does not look that likely to happen.