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Residents reluctant to sign up for Smart 911 despite secure database

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A tool that works to get help to you faster in the case of an emergency is having trouble with signups.

The Smart 911 system puts any information you want emergency responders to have in an emergency situation available.

However, Jonesboro's E-911 Director Jeff Presely said people seem concerned about their information being out on the free system.

Presley said he wants residents to know the information is secure on the program provided by the state.

“People need to realize this is a secure system,” Presley said. “Your information is in a secure database. It's not a searchable database. Only time this information is going to be seen is when you initiate a 911 call from that phone that's signed up.”

Presley said this profile can save your life if you're unconscious and unable to talk.

You can include the number of people living in your home, if any are children and even any medical information a paramedic should know.

To create a profile log onto and fill in the information you believe responders need to know.

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