ASU Students Respond To Tsunami Disaster

January 11, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO --"Even after the major earthquake in Indonesia, there was a small earthquake in India. My parents happen to be in the house at the time.....everything was helter skelter. It was horrifying for them, it was,"said Siva Bhattiprolu.

Siva Bhattiprolu is a student at ASU. He, and his family live in India.

"We saw pictures of people swelling up with water. There were taxis floating on the water. The next morning we saw a series of dead people, they were in lines on the seashore. It was a horrible sight,"said Moytri Roychowdhury.

Moytri Roychowdhury was in Calcutta, India when the tsunami hit.

These students are thousands of miles from the center of destruction left by the earthquake and tsunami.

Friends and family who lived through it, are still trying to put back together pieces of the broken countries.

As the people in these countries do try to recover, certain questions still linger--when, or will a disaster of this magnitude ever happen again, and could the people have been warned.

"The constant fear is there. The government still issuing warnings. They say there is another wave coming, or another quake. That is kind of scary,"said Bhattiprolu.

Students say they are comforted knowing aid is on the way.

They say the kind spirit of humanity is truly shining through.