Vandals strike more than two dozen vehicles in Jonesboro

Vandals strike more than two dozen vehicles in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Numerous car windows were shot out with BB or pellet guns over the past week in various Jonesboro neighborhoods.


has sparked an investigation by the Jonesboro Police Department. By Thursday afternoon, Jonesboro police had received 25 reports.

Public Information Specialist with the Jonesboro Police Department Paul Holmes said even more reports were made Friday after early morning vandalism.

Though some of the crimes happened miles apart, JPD hopes the right tip leads to an arrest and an end to the vandalism.

"First we want it stopped and second it's not only a nuisance to the owner of the vehicle, it's an economic loss as well," Holmes said. "So, this is not just fun. This is not just a prank. This is a crime and we are going to treat it as such."

Kevin Lyles lives in the Griffin Park subdivision south of the bypass. That's just one of the areas that has been targeted.

Lyles had just filed a police report when we spoke with him about the vandalism.

"When my wife come in, she shut the door and when she did, the glass shattered," Lyles said. "It looked like someone had been shooting out with a BB gun or pellet gun."

He wasn't the only victim in that neighborhood. Lyles said a neighbor on Summit Ridge and multiple cars on Flatrock were targeted as well.

"There has been at least five others in the neighborhood that I know of," Lyles told Region 8 News.

Jonesboro Police Public Information Specialist Paul Holmes said the reports so far have been concentrated to the south and west areas of town.

However, as those crimes are still spread out, sometimes by miles, Holmes said the suspect or suspects are likely in a vehicle and not on foot.

Vehicles on streets off of West Nettleton Avenue, like Rosemond Ave., Georgia Dr. and College Blvd were also targeted.

Holmes said if you see a suspicious vehicle, take note.

"Call us immediately with a vehicle description and license plate number," Holmes said. "Certainly don't try to enforce the law yourself but give us a call as quickly as you can so we have our best opportunity to catch these people."

Holmes said though the reports started coming in earlier this week, they expect more to come in.

"We have a detective looking into this and we have our patrol officers and prowl officers are looking for this too," Holmes said.Jonesboro police aren't the only ones who are busy from these crimes. Lyles says it will be awhile before he can get his back window fixed because so many others are in the same boat.

"Union glass is out of them, had to order it tomorrow," Lyles said. "One of the other folks I talked to that had it done, he said that they have had 26 back glasses in the last 48 hours."

It's not just back windows that have been shot out.

Police reports indicate front, side and back windows have been shot.

If you have any information about this string of vandalism, call Crimestoppers anonymously at 935-STOP. If you're a victim, call JPD to file a report.

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