Residents react to proposed law on barring police camera footage

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A bill was proposed in the Missouri Legislature that would prevent the general public from obtaining police footage from body cameras or any police vehicle.

Senator Doug Libla sponsored the bill that was first looked at Friday. The bill states that any footage would not be a public record and would not be released except upon court order.

Many officials had not gotten the chance to read through the bill when asked their opinion on the matter. The Kennett Police Department and Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney were both unable to give a comment as of Monday.

Many Missouri residents said off camera that this bill was odd after the events that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. They said that if the bill was passed, they would feel as if the police were trying to hide information from the public.

The second part of the bill would prohibit the state from requiring that police officers wear body cameras or have cameras in their vehicles. It also prohibits the state from requiring that law enforcement agencies provide any cameras to officers.

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