Crime Lab: Bones Found in Fulton County Well Aren't Human

JANUARY 12, 2005 - Posted at 2:22 p.m. CST

VIOLA, AR - Authorities say bones recovered from an abandoned well in Fulton County were not from a human.  State Police Lieutenant Bill Beach says he is "delighted" that the case is not a homicide investigation.

The bones were found in a 25-foot well on January 6.  An inmate in a neighboring county had told investigators about seeing someone throw bones in the well two years ago.  Firefighters pumped water out of the well and discovered the bones, wrapped in cloth.

Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger says two people said that dead dogs had been tossed into the well years ago, and other said deer carcasses had been thrown in.  A pathologist speculated that the bones recovered were from a deer, but further tests won't be conducted.

Beach says there's no need for more tests sinces the bones aren't from a person.

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