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NEA Humane Society working to keep stray cat population down


The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is making house calls to keep the animal population down.

It's part of a new program called "Trap, Neuter and Return".

When the humane society learns of an area where stray cats congregate, they go out and humanely trap them.

They take the cats to the humane society where they vaccinate, spay and neuter them and then return them to the area they were found in.

“The purpose of returning the cats where we collected them is to prevent more cats from moving in that neighborhood,” NEA Humane Society Director Margaret Shepherd said. “Therefore, you're also going to be reducing the number of litters that could possibly happen there.”

Shepherd said another reason the animals are returned is because after growing up outside they wouldn't do well in a shelter environment.

They felt this program was the best way to serve the community and the animals.

Shepherd said there are around 6,000 cats roaming in Jonesboro alone.

This program was made possible through a grant from Pet Smart Charities.

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