Pros and Cons of Holistic Health

January 12, 2005--Posted at 3:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- With all the drug risks revealed in the last couple of months, many are turning to an all natural remedy.

Holistic Health has long been debated, but some believe these remedies are the secret to aiding serios conditions.

Owner of health food store Health N Action, Martha Heady says, "Cinnimon is now available in capsule form and they've discovered that cinnimon is really helping with blood sugar."

Dr. of Pharmacy Dosha Cummings says, "There may be something in there that you don't realize that is in there. For instance, that could increase your blood glucose and if you're a diabetic, you don't realize that what your taking is actually making it worse."

"We have things that lower cholesterol and they work. They really do," Heady says.

Some of these remedies are completely provided by things that are growing in your back yard.

"Echinacea is the purple cone flower that you can actually see here in Arkansas when you're driving the roads, you know, up in the hills. You'll see it just growing wild along the side of the road. It's basically used to stimulate your ammune system to help you be able to fight anything. It also helps with colds and flus, and if you begin to come down with something you start in on your Echinacea." Heady says.

These products, however, are not approved by the FDA and the safety and effectiveness is often in question.

"Unfortunately, the information on the Internet is very misleading, but the general rule of thumb is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is," Cummings says.

But those who believe in these products say there is no question.

"The Bible plainly tells us the herbs of the field will be your medicine. It was never intended to come out of a chemistry lab," Heady says.

Doctors say one must remember that the labels on these products are created by the distributor, and these remedies might not always work as advertised.

"Just because it says it on the bottle doesn't mean that it does anything," Cummings says.

"This is not just somebody that throws these things together and puts it out there. These are doctors and chemists that come up with the formulas," Heady argues.

"It's not that they're all bad. It's just that there are a great number of them that don't do anything," Cummings says.