Jonesboro City Employees Find New Home under Formon Administration

January 12, 2005 -- posted 3:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon is already shaking things up at city hall. Some Jonesboro city employees are finding a new home under his administration.

"Fantastic, could not be better," said Planning Director Ron Shipley. "We're excited about the upcoming year, it's wonderful."

Under the new changes, code enforcement officers have relocated to an office on the east side of the Huntington building. They used to work under crowded conditions in one area of city hall that was part of a bank.

"That's a great thing, because with the new facility they have more room, they can spread their files out. You're dealing with one department, as opposed to everything at city hall," said Shipley.

That's not the only reshuffling going on at city hall. Mayor Formon says in a few months the Engineering, Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Grants offices, that currently work from the basement of city hall, will eventually move to the second floor of the Huntington building. When that happens, the Finance department will make its new home in the basement.

"Probably the greatest advantage it will have is that it gives us increased security for the finance function from the lobby area that we currently work in," said Finance Director Larry Flowers.

Flowers says the basement will also provide them with additional room to store city financial records.

"We're excited about the move. We think it's a good thing for the finance department and we're anxious to get downstairs as soon as we can," said Flowers.

These are minor changes that are a first step in bringing a new day to city hall.