"Help Wanted" at Jonesboro restaurants

"Help Wanted" at Jonesboro restaurants

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Have you noticed all of the "now hiring" signs posted around Jonesboro?

Many businesses, including restaurants, are looking for help, and the need may stem from the growth Jonesboro is experiencing.

Mark Young, Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, said growth and expansion happens with new companies coming in.

He said the help wanted signs aren't going away.

"As we have those expansions, the need for employment goes up," Young said.

Young said as growth happens, more and more businesses need help. Businesses like Front Page Cafe.

"I don't have a lot of turn over, but with the girls taking leave of absence I've got to go ahead and have additional help," Front Page Cafe Owner, Mickey Felts said. "Plus we are in the flu season and you've got to be covered there, too."

Felts said they are in need of servers to help throw their famous rolls.

If you are looking to apply, Felts has a few questions.

"The first thing I'm going to ask somebody, of course, is transportation," Felts said. "Second, I want to know is work schedule."

Felts said it's important to him that workers have a schedule that meets their needs, and it's not a requirement for them to have serving experience.

"I'm looking for somebody that is looking for something new and refreshing because, again, you are a sales marketing," Felts said. "You are marketing yourself when you work on the dining room floor and providing a service."

Along with Front Page, Subway, Fire House, Cheddars, Burger King, San Francisco Bread Company and Fazoli's also need help. Young said future employees are out there.

"Jonesboro also continues to see growth from a population standpoint, and so we have people moving to our community who are looking for opportunities as well," Young said. "It's a win-win situation."

Young said there are many diverse job opportunities in Jonesboro right now. He said all you need to do is apply.

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