Evening Shade Says Good-Bye To Fallen Soldier

January 12, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CST

EVENING SHADE -- Flags flew at half staff in front of the Evening Shade gym as family and friends remembered a fallen soldier.

Dark clouds loomed overhead as tears of sorrow rained over the casket of Joshua Marcum.

Chris Barnett remembers his dear friend, and fellow soldier.

"He always wanted to be a soldier, ever since he was a little boy. In the last couple of years he got his chance. He died doing what he loved to do,"said Barnett.

Family and friends are now left with only memories.

They will remember the shared time with him, to ease the pain of life without him.

David Darnell served in the same company with Marcum.

"He was always in a good mood. You couldn't do anything to make him mad. He was always high spirited. He loved what he was doing, and believed in it,"said Darnell.

These soldiers describe a certain camaraderie between one another.

Leaving a group behind is like leaving behind their own brothers.

Darnell was able to return to his family.

He recalls leaving behind his friend.

"We'll take care of each other, and everything will be good. We really just want you to go home to your families. We left our families to come over here, and now we leave them to come home,"said Darnell.

Death is an unfortunate element of war.

News of a soldiers death is never easy to hear, but these soldiers turn to each other now, to cope.

"We can all get together to talk about, laugh together, cry together, that's what gets us through,"said Darnell.

The term hero, friends say, is proper, but there are other ways they think Joshua would want to be remembered.

"Good dad, good husband, and he was doing what he loved to do,"said Barnett.