Substitute teacher fired after posting status about fight on Facebook

Substitute teacher fired after posting status about fight on Facebook
Video of fight posted to Facebook
Video of fight posted to Facebook

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - An investigation is now over at one Region 8 school after an altercation between a substitute teacher and a student.

“We had a behavioral issue at Blytheville High School, It's been taken care of administratively and due to personnel and student privacy issues I can't discuss that,” Blytheville Superintendent Richard Atwill said.

Kaneisha Black, a substitute teacher with SubTeach USA, said she was called in to finish teaching the class after the incident.

“They (the students) were telling me they were forced to delete the videos from their pages and out of their phones and they were not to make any posts in reference to the incident,” said Black.

Black said she posted a status update on her own Facebook page about the incident. After the post, Blytheville administrators told Black she was no longer allowed to teach at the school. Black said a student also sent her a video of the incident, but she did not post it to social media.

"I felt like it was public information and parents should know what's going on in the school," Black said. "I wasn't saying if it was the substitute at fault or if it was the student at fault."

She said the assistant principal of the high school told her she was not supposed to use social media during work hours. 

Atwill said substitute teachers have to abide by the same regulations school staff have to.

"They can use their cell phones during a school day on their personal time and for instruction purposes if it's necessary," Atwill said.

Black said she was concerned about the students not being able to share what they saw.

"I feel like they did everything in their power to try to scare the students in to not posting it online," Black said.

She said she wanted to make sure parents and other students were aware of what was going on at the school.

"My concern was basically for the well being of the students as well as the other adults in the class and for the parents to know what was going on," Black said.

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