Mobile Mexican Consulate helps 300 residents in Region 8

Mobile Mexican Consulate helps 300 residents in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Mobile Mexican Consulate traveled from Little Rock to Jonesboro Saturday to help citizens from in and around Region 8.

"We are here to help our Mexican citizens to improve their quality of life," Consul of Protection and Legal Affairs Victor Valtierra said.

About 300 Mexicans from Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma met at the Southwest Church of Christ from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

If they qualified, they were able to receive several services at that one location.

"This is one of the main purposes of the consulate service of any country, to provide legal assistance, to provide counselor assistance and also their documentation service," Valtierra said.

He also said this service is vital to the Mexican community in Region 8.

"Too many of our community is vulnerable because of lack of documentation," Valtierra said. "So, what we do is give all this information so they can have better relations with American authorities."

The Hispanic Community Service Incorporated sponsored the event.

Leondro Braslavsky with HCSI said this event was a huge success and they're happy to bring these services to Northeast Arkansas.

"If you go to a consulate, they only work in business days so they have to skip work," Braslavsky said. "They also have to go to little rock, spend money and gas; It's a real hassle when we can bring something every once in a while here to Jonesboro to help them."

Valtierra said employees with the Mobile Consulate work 15 days in a row, but they don't mind.

"We are here because of the passion, we are here because we love to defend our Mexicans and Mexico's interests," Valtierra said.

Jorge Rendiz owns Los Arcos in Jonesboro, and said he is excited to see these opportunities for his community.

"This has been so wonderful for the Spanish Community and I'm so impressed for these people coming from Little Rock," Rendiz said.

Valtierra wants to remind all Mexicans that they can receive assistance from the consulate of Mexico.

"Even if they don't have any kind of documents, they have rights," Valtierra said.

The next mobile consulate will be in Jonesboro on April 25.

If you have any questions, you can call the Hispanic Center at (870) 926-1118.

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