Millennials considered the most stressed generation

Millennials considered the most stressed generation

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Studies show the millennial generation is the most stressed out generation.

Many people a part of this generation sent messages on social media saying what it is that stresses them out.

Money appeared to be the number one answer with school being a close second.

Amy Flaherty owns True Hope Counseling and said she sees many millennials in her office.

She said the two common factors that contribute the most to stress are financial issues and social media.

When most of these millennials entered into the workforce, the economy was down.

Now that it has recovered, she says this generation still has trouble finding work.

Social media and always being connected to the Internet is another big factor linked to stress.

"Social media and the pressures that all that, having access to that at your fingertips can put on," Flaherty said. "I have several millennials who will be in my office who have made really poor decisions and then it gets broadcast to everyone because of things like Snapchat and Instagram."

There are some ways people can de-stress.

One way Flaherty suggests is to decrease the amount of stuff you have to do.

You can also change the way you look at things. Her last piece of advice is to take mini vacations.

"Mainly it's mini vacations," Flaherty said. "Just something in your day that you can take a break and look forward to. Whether it be meeting a friend for lunch, having a walk, playing with your dog whatever it is to have something that takes a break from that stress that's gonna make you even more productive."

Flaherty advises millennials to be very careful when it comes to posting on social media.

She said apps like Snapchat may offer complete deletion of a photo, but that doesn't mean it is completely gone from the Internet.

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