Mosquitoes take a bite out of the winter season

Mosquitoes take a bite out of the winter season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the mild winter we've had, some are starting to notice mosquitoes in their homes and yard.

Luckily, seeing mosquitoes this early in the year doesn't necessarily mean we are in for a bad mosquito season, according to Dr. Tanja McKay, an associate professor at Arkansas State University.

"Even if we haven't had really those significant freezing events the temperatures still has been down enough to keep the population, so there's no development occurring," McKay said.

McKay said the issue stems from multiple days of very warm weather, even warmer than what we've been seeing in Region 8 this winter. She said in Region 8, mosquitoes are going to be a problem every year, although there are some things you can do to stop them from showing up in your home.

"You can have the smallest amount of water where an insect or mosquito can come in and start to lay eggs and that is a perfect, say a cup of water would be sufficient for mosquitoes to start developing in and coming out as adults," McKay said.

Scott Clayton with All Scapes Irrigation and Lawncare said people seeing a few mosquitoes this time of year is fairly normal, especially with the warmer weather we've had, and the big numbers will be here soon.

"We're coming up on the time of the year, usually the middle of March when everything starts to turn warm and you start seeing some mosquitoes start to lay eggs that's when you want to try to get on top of it," Clayton said.

Clayton added it is important to clear out those areas where mosquitoes could lay those eggs.

"Mosquitoes usually try to lay eggs in the cool spaces so anytime when there's water standing or any kind of dark area around your home, or any kind of cobwebs built, you want to kind of keep those clean," Clayton said.

Both McKay and Clayton agree rice fields will keep the mosquito population high for the area, but cleaning around your home will help keep the mosquitoes from getting inside.

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