Study: Housing costs high in Mississippi Co.

Study: Housing costs high in Mississippi Co.

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - As a Region 8 county prepares for new industrial developments, the need for housing to accommodate potential new families grows.

David Hamilton, executive director of the Mississippi County Public Facilities Board, works to create affordable housing for those potential new families.

"We've always geared housing towards poor or low income families but we're forgetting the important elements and that's workforce housing," said Hamilton.

Hamilton said there was nothing geared toward working families to help them step from lower class status into middle class status.

Hamilton stresses the importance of providing housing trust funds for those families. He said it's a system that has worked for large businesses in other states.

"I believe the trust fund is a good idea for Mississippi County," Hamilton said. "One of the concepts of the trust fund is to get the industries that are coming here to buy into the fact that they would like for their employees to live here in Mississippi County."

Hamilton said in order to get the trust fund started, incoming businesses would have to contribute.

He expects tax incentives to draw families to the county. He's drafted a tax incentive proposal that will be sent to state lawmakers.

"We have tax credits for low income families but we do not have tax credits for working families," Hamilton said.

Hamilton said he plans to begin with homes and apartments in Osceola and will look to expand into other cities in the future.

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