Jonesboro businesses profiting from the Valentine's Day rush

Jonesboro businesses profiting from the Valentine's Day rush

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's crunch time to order flowers and gifts for Valentine's Day, and local businesses aren't complaining.

Posey Peddler and Meals for Moms are preparing for the upcoming holiday.

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, the businesses are getting double the business with work deliveries on Friday and home deliveries on Saturday.

The businesses rely on this holiday for yearly profits.

"After Christmas everyone is trying to recover and everything, business slows down a little bit but then February everyone is kind of recovered a little bit," Meals for Moms owner Lindley Pipkens said.

Employees' income can also depend on big holidays.

"It helps us to maintain our business and to pay people really well throughout the rest of the year," Posey Peddler owner Bridget Mills Arnold said.

Both Arnold and Pipkens said they are excited for the holiday and even more excited for the rise in revenue.

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